Temple Darshan Reservations

The Temple Darshan pass is currently available on:

Saturdays ~ 11am to 7pm (latest entry at 6:00pm)

Tuesdays ~ 4pm to 7pm (latest entry at 6:00pm)

Information about booking Saturday Reservations: Currently, reservations for the coming Saturday are released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. A very limited number of reservations may be available on Saturday based on cancellations. To be successful, it is important to log on a few minutes before 9am. It is also much easier to make a reservation on Mondays. If you wait until Friday or Saturday, there will be many more people trying to reserve compared to available slots. Please do not drive to the Temple if you have not been able to obtain a reservation. We are not able to respond to phone calls or return VM messages. We may be able to respond to questions sent via email to: temple@mountmadonna.org.

Guests seeking to visit Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple are invited to make a reservation for Temple Darshan. This option allows for a short visit (up to 2 hours) during the most popular visiting hours. Visitors may enjoy darshan with Hanumanji and visit the Temple grounds and OM Park. Visitors may also enjoy Anjaneya’s World Café and Oceanview Books. The cafe is open from 11am to 5:30pm on Saturdays.

A Temple Darshan pass is available to all, and a voluntary parking fee is suggested. This fee helps to offset the costs of maintaining road and parking infrastructure at Mount Madonna Center (MMC). In addition, after a two year closure due to COVID, MMC’s savings are depleted and the organization is in a difficult financial position. Please note: the voluntary parking fee is paid to MMC and is not a tax-deductible donation.

Please refer to MMC’s current COVID-19 policy for complete information on safety protocols.


  • Reservations are required for all visits to Mount Madonna Center. In addition to Temple Darshan, there are several other Pathways to Visit MMC. Currently, we are unable to accommodate walk-in guests or people who arrive without a reservation (with the exception of visitors arriving before 7:30am for early morning Arati on Saturdays and Tuesdays, see below)
  • Devotees may now attend early morning Arati on Saturdays and Tuesdays without a reservation. Visitors must arrive between 6am and 7:30am. Arati is performed at 6:30am and lasts one hour. No unreserved arrivals after 7:30am. Visitors who attend Arati are kindly requested to stay at the Temple area and return to their cars and leave quietly. The Center, Café, gift store and deck are closed until 11am on Saturdays for silent meditation and we appreciate your cooperation.
  • The Temple Darshan pass provides entry for one car, including all guests who can legally fit in that car. If you plan to come in more than one car, each driver must make a separate reservation on their own account.
  • Please arrive within one hour of your reserved time (and no earlier than the time of the first reservation slot and no later than 6:30pm).
  • You may only make one reservation for a given day with your account.
  • Reservations are released in batches on select mornings at 9am, during the week prior to the reservation day. (Currently, most Saturday reservations are released at 9am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a smaller number, plus any cancellations released on Saturday.)
  • No outside food (other than prasad) is permitted, and picnicking is not allowed anywhere on the property. Nearby Mount Madonna County Park offers many areas for picnicking.
  • You are welcome to bring store bought or homemade prasad to offer to Hanuman.
  • Pets are not allowed at Mount Madonna Center.
  • Please contribute to the peace and tranquility of the Center by talking softly, turning cell phones to silent mode, and keeping children close.

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