Day Visitor Reservations

Day Visitor Reservations
Reservations are Mandatory to visit the center for the day on Saturdays, Sundays and Major Holidays. There are a limited number of reservations per day. Reservations are free, and can be made online on this site.

Why are reservations needed?
In recent years, the Center has welcomed increasing numbers of visitors on weekends and holidays, which have at times exceeded our capacities. The reservation policy helps us to provide responsible management of all of the offerings at the Center, to create equitable access for our visitors, and to honor the capacities of the Center, our neighbors and the beautiful natural environment.

What if I don't have a reservation?
Unfortunately, visitors arriving without a reservation cannot be accomodated. If reservations are full, please plan to come on a different day.

Who needs to make a reservation?
If you want to come to visit the center for the day, you must make a reservation. If you are already registered for an overnight stay as part of a program or retreat, or if you have an appointment for one of our services, your registration or appointment confirmation will suffice as a reservation.


  • Reservations are now required if you are arriving Saturdays 11am-7pm, Sundays 4pm-7pm (please note the Center is CLOSED before 4pm), and on Major Holidays.
  • People without a reservation will be turned away.
  • We ask that you are not early or late by more than 1 hour or you may be turned away.
  • You can make reservations up to two weeks ahead.
  • You can only make one reservation for a given day with your account.
  • If you plan to come in more than one car, please ask the driver of the other car to make their own reservation on a separate account.
  • We release some reservations each morning at 9am throughout the week before the date, including the morning of. If the date you want to reserve for says check back later, it means that there will be no more reservations released today and you should check back at the time specified. If the system shows the date as full, it means that the reservation limit has been reached for this date and you must make a reservation for a different day.
  • If you plan to visit Mount Madonna County Park, please pay the $6 park entrance fee at the kiosk.

Need more information?
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