Temple Darshan Reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to make a reservation?

Mount Madonna Center (MMC) is committed to equitable access to our grounds and offerings. Everyone who visits Mount Madonna Center, including the Temple, must have a reservation or be registered for a program, retreat, class, or treatment. Please see the Pathways to Visit page for information on all the ways to visit Mount Madonna Center.

Why are reservations necessary?

MMC has instituted a universal reservation requirement to ensure that adequate staffing and smooth management is in place in order to provide a safe and tranquil experience for all students, visitors, and residents. Our aim is to support transformative experiences for all of our visitors, and a managed reservation system is one way we hope to accomplish this.

What if I don't make a reservation?

People arriving without a reservation cannot be accommodated and will be turned away.

How do I make a Temple Darshan reservation?

Please reserve online by clicking “Reserve” in the menu above.

Can I call to make a Temple Visit reservation?

Temple Visit reservations may only be made online.

When can I make a reservation for the date I would like to come?

Reservations are available up to a week in advance.

What is the difference between “Next release at” and “Full”?

Reservations are released in stages, not all at once. If you see “Next release at” that means that there will be more reservations released later in the week.

If the date you want to reserve for is listed as “Full”, it means that all reservations have been claimed and no more will be made available.

What if someone cancels?

When a reservation is canceled while reservations for that date are open, it will be made available immediately; otherwise it will be made available at the next 9am release. Reservations cannot be canceled after the final release on the day of.

Do I need a reservation to come on a weekday?

Yes, reservations are required for all visitors to Mount Madonna Center.

What is Mount Madonna Center?

Mount Madonna Center is a residential learning community that hosts numerous activities on the mountain, including a retreat and conference center, a Temple, Mount Madonna Institute, and Mount Madonna School. The Center and all of its initiatives were founded under the guidance of teacher and master yogi, Baba Hari Dass.

Mount Madonna is a home for many offerings related to traditional Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda. Visitors interested in health and wellness, yoga, meditation, or Ayurveda may wish to explore the annual yoga retreats, other programs and retreats, special occasions and pujas, educational certificate and master’s programs in Yoga and Ayurveda, online philosophy classes on the Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, and much more.

I have a Temple Darshan reservation, what can I do?

Visitors who come for Temple Darshan are welcome to enjoy the Temple grounds, prayers and darshan with Hanuman and Arati at 6pm, as well as visit OM park, an area with a fountain above the parking and lake. Temple Darshan visitors may also visit Anjaneya’s World Café and Oceanview Bookstore during hours when they are open. The cafe is open from 11am to 5:30pm on Saturdays and from 4pm to 5:30pm on Tuesdays. Once the cafe is closed, Temple Darshan visitors are encouraged to return to the Temple grounds for Arati as the deck by the cafe becomes a dining area for dinner guests.

I have a Temple Darshan reservation, why can’t I hike around the property and explore everything that is there?

Mount Madonna Center is fortunate to be home to the Temple and a resident community, as well as a number of other important initiatives that bring many students and visitors to the campus and vitally necessary revenue to the organization. Guests universally say that they value the peaceful and serene atmosphere found on the land. In order to preserve this experience for all, Temple Darshan visitors are required to limit their exploration to the Temple grounds, OM Park and Anjaneya’s World Cafe and Oceanview bookstore. After 5:30, Temple Darshan visitors are asked to remain on the Temple grounds until leaving.

If you want to see more of MMC, you are invited to book a longer stay or to enroll in other offerings. See Pathways to Visit for these options.

Why is the Temple only open on select days and not every day of the week?

The harmonious coexistence of all initiatives and activities at MMC is important to all of us. In addition to hosting a PreK-12 school campus, MMC is also host to numerous programs and retreats, Temple Darshan visitors, and special events. Our aim is for each visitor to feel safe, at ease, and free to experience the peaceful nature of the land. We limit capacity in order to welcome visitors in a way that makes each individual and group feel comfortable and recognized. As staffing and capacity improves, additional hours for Temple Darshan reservations will be made available.