Day Visitor Reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to make reservations?
Anyone planning to visit the Center for the day, who is not already registered for a program, workshop, retreat, or appointment, must make a reservation before arriving at the Center.

How do I make a reservation?
You must reserve online.

Is there a fee?
No, reservations are free.

Can I call to make a reservation?
No, reservations can only be made online.

When are reservations required?
Reservations are required to visit the center Saturdays 11am-7pm, Sundays 4-7pm (note that the Center is CLOSED prior to 4pm on Sundays) and major holidays.

The date I want says check back later. What does that mean?
In order to provide reservations to a variety of people, we release reservations over several days. Some are released initially two weeks before the date. During the the week leading up to the date and on the date, we will release a portion every day at 9am. The system will always show when to check back to try to get more reservations. Once the system lists the date as full then there will be no more reservations released. If it says to check back later, there is still a chance to get reservations.

What if the date I want to come is full?
If the date you want to reserve for is listed as full, it means we are truly full for that date and that all reservations have been taken. Please make a reservation for a different date. Please remember that we cannot accommodate people arriving without reservations.

What if someone cancels?

Even if all reservations are taken, there is still a chance that more will become available due to cancellations. As soon as a cancellation is made, it is released and made available.

What if I don't make a reservation?
People arriving without a reservation cannot be accommodated and will be turned away.

I'm coming for a program or event - do I need to make a reservation?
No, if you are registered for a program, have enrolled in a class, or are coming with an appointment, you are considered to have a reservation and do not need to make a separate reservation.

Are there any exceptions?
Mount Madonna Center staff, satsang and volunteers, and Mount Madonna School students, teachers, and alumni do not need reservations.

Do I need a reservation to come on a weekday?
No, reservations are only required if you are visiting the Center on a Saturday, Sundays or major holiday.

I want to come to the Temple...
Reservations are required.

I want to come to the Bookstore or Cafe...
Reservations are required.

How far ahead can I reserve?
Some reservations are available up to 2 weeks in advance. When that limited number of early reservations have filled, you may try to make a reservation again, starting a week before your planned visit date. At that time, we release a portion of the remaining reservations at 9am daily.